Andrew C Elgort, EdD, PLC
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
About Dr. Elgort
Dr. Andrew Elgort is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in working with children, adolescents,
and their families.  Using a Behavioral, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Solution-Focused approach to his
practice of psychology, Dr. Elgort believes that by providing a positive and supportive setting, young people
are capable of changing those behaviors that are causing them and/or their family distress.  Through
discussion and play, young people and their families are able to learn new ways of understanding their
problems and to practice new techniques to change their thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs to more positive
and productive ones.
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Dr. Elgort also counsels adults in his practice.  Using Behavioral, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Solution-
Focused approaches to working with adults, Dr. Elgort develops an alliance with each client, helping them
understand the behaviors and thoughts that have interfered with their achieving their goals.  Working
together with the client on learning new strategies, Dr. Elgort supports them as they implement new
behaviors and move past the blockages that have impeded their happiness.
In addition to therapy, Dr. Elgort can also provide comprehensive Psychological Evaluations focusing on
emotional, behavioral, attentional, interpersonal concerns and issues of adaptability.  Academic
achievement testing (reading, mathematics, written language, etc.) can also be provided.  A thorough
report of the findings is provided.
In addition to degrees in Psychology, Dr. Elgort holds degrees in Elementary Education and Special
Education.  He taught special education for 7 years in private and public school settings before becoming a
psychologist.  Dr. Elgort worked as a School Psychologist in a variety of school divisions for over 25 years. 
He has worked as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice for over 10 years.
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